Tom Tom GPS For All Trucks V 1.0


Here’s a Tom Tom navigation system for all the trucks can be bought over the passenger name tag, and UK version.
For Patch 1.13 – 1.14.+



10 thoughts on “Tom Tom GPS For All Trucks V 1.0

  1. Very nice! Good for trucks and interiors without GPS! Thanks!
    Could you make a version without the background? It would be nice to have this choice.

  2. This is not to DAF EURO 6

  3. not to DAF EURO 6

  4. lukas430000

    Well I have daf and it fits nicely in dashboard

  5. Errors in Log!!!

  6. Very Nice,

    but why dosen’t have the Speedlimit in the Navi?

  7. very nice addition to the game. I was looking for a long time JUST for a GPS. All others are embedded with all sort of ###### things that I don’t need. A big thank you for your work !

  8. can u make it for 1.16

  9. Can you make it on 1.22+ ? I hawe this version and its not working

  10. could you update?

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