TomTom Navigation for all Trucks v 2.0


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This is the rework of the TomTom navigator mod. I updated to the latest patch, and I make a little rework on this mod. The mod compatible with all standard SCS trucks and also compatible with truck mods. Works with RJL’s Scania mods, MADster’s MAN mods, Eugene’s Volvo FH mod, Davidzoli’s MB Actros MP IV. mod.


– Changed the GPS background to more realistic
– Added black color variant (optional)
– Added manifest.sii


– Now the GPS shows the actual speed limits
– Minor bug fixes


– Cleanup (removed some unnecessary files)
– Tweaked materials
– Bug fixes
– Reduced the screen brightness
– Fixed textures
– Fixed compatibility with trucks
– Added a lot of new defs for increase compatility with trucks

Available colors:

– White
– Black

How to use: Extract -> Paste the scs file into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder -> Run game -> Mod Manager -> Enable mod
In game: go to a garage and select the codriver plate /passenger’s driver plate/ and choose the GPS. This mod works with RHD trucks! Set to higher priority then your truck mods in the mod manager!

Author of the original mod: ?????? (If somebody knows it, please tell me)
Compatible game versions: 1.25.x – 1.26.x
Rework and update: DI3S3L

Works with older game versions is not guaranteed! Don’t reupload to other file sharing sites, please always keep the original download link!

Some screenshots:

Rework and update: DI3S3L

DOWNLOAD 2 MB Black Variant
DOWNLOAD 2 MB White Variant

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14 thoughts on “TomTom Navigation for all Trucks v 2.0

  1. Thank you! =D

  2. Caution! The file for Black Variant is false!! There is a ] at the end of the link, erase it to download the black variant.

    1. Thank you for the response Ficfic! Sorry for the mistake!
      Here’s the new link for white and black variants [v2.1]:



  3. Алексей


  4. Canarinho

    Background to much brightness. I see nothing.

  5. Legendskills

    Would this work with map mods

  6. hi, for black : “”No such file with this filename””

  7. hi, for black No such file with this filename

  8. What I would like to see was a talking GPS like in real life; I think there is quite a few requests for that in the forum here and scssoft.

  9. scania_dragon

    could you please use an other position for the tom tom ? Not so direct in the middle window. But rather in a lower position or next to window-frame. I.m.o. it is too much big for the current position.

  10. HD Video Test 1.26…

  11. GPS is waaaaay too shineeeeeeey,Display is not what I expect it to be,the only thing you changed was changing the black background into some beige colour (at least that,s what I get in modtrucks)….so far for your remark….. works at any truck…no ####### way…Furthermore the display doesn,t say anything.It only works on standard trucks and even then the display is standard blue and shows no depth……flawless.The way it should look like in the picture shown above..?…NO WAY…..fake like hell….get a life you imbecile

  12. Work in MP

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