Toyota Corolla V1R4 (1.34)

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1.34 compatibility

trzpro, yellow1441


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8 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla V1R4 (1.34)

  1. MRX Anonymous


  2. trzpro, when you will make something for ETS2 and not for NFS or GTA? 🙁

    You are one of the Reasons, why we also stopped to publish here our Mods/Skins.

    Here is no more ETS2, now Community for f*****g Cars and Buses.

    1. Man, if these mods are published, then they are needed by someone. You decided that you would not publish your mods here – these are your problems, nobody bothered you. Stop writing about it under each mod, nobody needs you and nobody touched you.

  3. Hello, we think your ETS2 mods are very nice. Could you also create a Volkswagen Touran the current model?

    Many Thanks

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  5. Ahmet Karakoca
  6. love it well done mate

  7. Abdul Rehman

    Will you please make a mod of toyota land cruiser for ets2 version 1.34 or 1.35

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