Traffic density mod for ETS2 1.26


Mod update for 1.26
– more trucks
– more cars
– dense traffic
– increased traffic speed
– no accidents

Added 4 new parameters of traffic_data.sii file



14 thoughts on “Traffic density mod for ETS2 1.26

  1. good mod works well with the latest patch.thanks

  2. спасибо товарищ!

  3. FatLizard

    Good mod … as always from you ! 🙂

  4. Спасибо за движение ???

  5. Great mod, thx Piva 😉

  6. Good job,Thanks!

  7. biotyfool

    You are amazing ! Thx

  8. Thank’s Piva, thank’s for your job in ETS 2! I always use your mods! Let me ask you something… Any chance to creat just Speed Limits mod? Because my poor computer not deal with Traffic density you know? And Speed Limits original is boring… Thank’s again, man.

  9. Splendido

    Nice! Thank you. Is there any chance to get the higher traffic density without the speed limits change?

  10. Have been using the traffic density mod buh it seems to completely remove my buses…. Any help??

    1. Increase values of
      spawn_max_count: 4

      for traffic.vehicle_type.bus
      in traffic_vehicle_type.sii

  11. Hollandstyler

    work witch Promods 2.15 ??

  12. Hello, I’m working on a mod “Réalisme V7”, and I want to use your mods: Traffic Density and WalkAbout. So, can I use it please? I give the credits. 😉

  13. Legendskills

    So question if I edit speed limit of any country the default value is like 90 on motorway I change that to 120 but the mod doesn’t show up anymore in my mod folder anyone got any idea why?

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