Traffic jam mod v1.9.x


Traffic jam for ETS2 v1.9.x

MrGermantruck, Serj999


12 thoughts on “Traffic jam mod v1.9.x

  1. Tasmanian_Devils_Bro

    and this solves it self also?

  2. T-Rieper-GER

    For what do i need this?

  3. thanks for sharing i love traffic jams thank you soo mouch

    1. ToXiC_Hunted

      Thats something you don’t hear everyday lol

  4. works :). Standing just few minutes at the intersection in a traffic jam.
    And the jam is great. Now even more trucks in AI are watching. Thanks 😀

    1. Interesting traffic congestion level. The only problem I find in this game with increased traffic level is AI and its incapability to deal with such situations. You just keep watching them playing clowns at the intersections. It is priceless in its own way though.

  5. max_vehicle_count: 50000
    max_truck_count: 4000

    full ###### @ work

  6. FPS here i decrease xDDD

    Interesting, but no thnx, to go by exit on the highway and i have to be on the intersection seeing trucks & cars keep moving in front of me without letting me pass…

  7. world4war

    VGA Overheat…

  8. Redneck49

    I have jams like this every once in a while without the mod. Usually when I’m trying to get off the freeway.

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