Traffic Mod 5.6.0 [02.10.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team


Traffic Mod 5.6.0 [02.10.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team

Last Updated on : October/02/2016
Please visit our Homepage for new Updates and fixes.

This Mod Pack includes :
– D.B Creations Special Rain Effects Ver. 1.1.8
– D.B Creations Xenon Lights for SCS Player Trucks Ver. 5.5.1
– D.B Creations AI traffic Behavior Ver. 5.6.8
– D.B Creations High Intensity Traffic Ver. 5.4.7
– D.B Creations Traffic Essentials Ver. 5.8.3
– D.B Creations Traffic Trailer Pack Ver. 5.5.6

My Mods includes together :
– Added Real Licence Plates for all countrys.
– Added more traffic in City’s.
– Added reflectors on delineators in some countrys.
– Added new Loadingscreens
– Added new AI Vehicle Lights
– Added LED Dangerous Turn signals by Satan19990 ( Premission and credits by Satan)
– Added 3 AI Cars speed variants :
-> 1. 80 km/h
-> 2. 110 ~ 135 km/h
-> 3. 160 ~ 200 km/h
– Added 2 AI Truck speed variants :
-> 6×4 Trucks = 70 – 80 km/h
-> 4×2 Trucks = 90 km/h
– Added more Trafficlights and circles.
– Added Real Speedlimits in all Country’s.
– Added some Environment changes.
– Added many Sounds for mover, Companies, Ai Traffic and Environment
– Added new Rain Particles for the Wheels.
– Added new raindrops and increases the number of drops.
– Added new Rain Sound Effects.
– Added new Main screen music by D.B Creation
– Added our own Trailer Skin with our Logo
– Changed many Textures In-Game e.g Roads, Surfaces, Decals and Terrains
– Changed Map Zoom for Map Mod user
– Changed Economy Data
– Changed Traffic Light Circles.
– Changed all traffic and vehicle flares and improved.
– Changed Traffic Spawn distance
– Corrected behavior of AI trucks and cars.
– Corrected maximum speeds for cars.
– Improved AI traffic characteristics.
– Improved traffic behavior in the traffic circle and minor bug fixes.
– Increased vision coverage for AI traffic.
– Increased visibility of warning signs. (Flares)
– Increased visibility of traffic lights. (Flares)
– Increased Interior sound volume.
– Traffic was greatly increased.
– Traffic flow improved education of traffic jam.
– Unlocked all AI Cars, Trucks & Trailers in each country.
– Unlocked all AI Cars & Truck colors in traffic.
– Unlocked all hidden France Paintjobs for AI Traffic Trailer.

[*** Changelist: ***]
– Please see inside the Zip File to see the changes

[*** Credits: ***]
D.B. Creation
Nelson Burotto
SCS Software
Satan19990 @

[* Beta Tester *]
Brett @ trailrunner4life

D.B Creation Dev Team

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D.B Creation Dev Team


9 Responses to Traffic Mod 5.6.0 [02.10.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team

  1. Repoman500 says:

    SERIOUSLY! Change the upload site you use. This freaking microsoft support bullsh*t page that you can’t close is driving me nuts! I will not be downloading any of your mods until you use Uploadfiles or Sharemods.

  2. TruckerSteve says:

    be warned, clicking this link resulted in a much smaller file downloading, if you unpack the .rar file, it is a small executable file

    looks very dodgy

    • Speedy says:

      Remove the checkmark “Download Using Our Secure Download Manager” under the download button

  3. john says:

    can we upload the full file please not this ###### exe file witch you get and my Kaspersky internet security is going nuts over it witch it had a dangerous object in it

  4. procef says:

    señores, no hay que descargar este archivo: es un .exe y cuando lo tratas de instalar, es pura basura lo que instala (adware etc etc etc) y no hay ningun mod.
    esto es una verdadera porqueria

  5. MBTrucker says:

    This mod is a fake, can not be downloaded

  6. Alexval says:

    Cuidado con descargar este archivo, es un virus según dice mi antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, por favor no descargar

  7. Alexval says: says that the file has no virus and does not want to remove it, please coherent people do not download this file infected by a virus

  8. D_B_Creation says:

    @ Hello Community, please go to our Homepage and you get a alternative Download Link of our Mods:

    We apologize sincerely for this incident.
    Your D.B Creation Dev Team

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