Traffic Mod for ETS2 (fixed)

Fixed traffic_rule for missed rule
Fixed special transport for compatible with Todor Alin tractor mod.
Also fixed tractor addon for same compatible.
Todor Alin mod does not have special transport in traffic_vehicle_type.
Special Fix for Todor Alin tractor mod added to my mod pack, must have high priority than Todor Alin mod.

SCS, Piva, Todor Alin, AlexeyP

DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Modsbase]

4 thoughts on “Traffic Mod for ETS2 (fixed)

  1. Well done and works good. Could you make it so that the Roadside Assistance Vehicle always have turned on the amber Beacons when driving around as well as other Vehicles having an amber Beacons on Roof like the Crane, etc. ?

  2. Please, help with priority mods. Should it be used tds_6_0.scs?

  3. This is full update of tds_6.0

  4. The Powerenjes

    Compatible with all mods maps and all traffic by jazzycat ?

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