Traffic sound louder TSM map 3.5 only


Traffic sound louder. You hear the cars who overtakes you
better in cabin.
This mod is only for the TSM map 3.5
For normal maps search trafficsound.scs.

What is Change:
Soundvolumen in cabin louder.
Soundfiles from traffic louder.
Pitch/Frequence higher.
Worldmap: You see the complet map.
Turn indicator goes off earlier.

Tested with patch 1.48 and TSM map 3.5

Author: Bronco


7 thoughts on “Traffic sound louder TSM map 3.5 only

  1. realy nice mod, and realy nice to be able to see
    the whole map.

  2. thank you

  3. this mod don’t work for me with a engine sound mod 🙁 … can you fix it ??


    1. Traffic Sound TSM V2.0
      New on 29.07.13
      Download again please.

      which Soundmod?
      Soundmod must have a game_data.sii in def.
      Thats diable the traffic Sound.

  4. @Bronco I’m using Engine_Sound_Mod_v7_by_Icemann29 and is open, if you could show me how to fix it


    1. Have tested the engine Sound mod.
      For me it is ok, no Problem.
      Do you have delete all the ZZZ in front of my mod?
      You need this zz for the tsm map. Make sure my mod
      loading as last in the mod list.

  5. is working now, thank you


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