Traffic sound


Have try to make the trafficsound louder in Cabin.
Is created when you drive in cabin, not with outside view.
Have change the sounfiles direct.

Turn indicator goes off earlier.

Tested with 1.41

Author: Bronco


10 thoughts on “Traffic sound

  1. i don’t see any difference. Are you sure you modified something?

    1. their is a difference the traffic is a bit louder which gives the game a bit more realistic.

      thanks for this grate mod mate keep up the good work

    2. Comments on other mod sites say is ok.
      Do you have V1.31 Game Version ?
      Do you use a Map mod ?

      If not try to rename my mod
      to zzztrafficsound.scs


  2. Geht super. Alles ok. Danke

  3. thx for this mod, is working fine in 1.4.1, just one thing, now when we drive outside the cabin the sound is to loud, can you put it in the original.


    1. Hi TomaSis
      I have try to make it sure, but there are only
      two things to make the Sound louder.
      one is on Maximum so i have make the soundfiles direct louder. Thats wy it is so loud outsite.
      So, sorry for that.


      1. Dont be sorry, is a very good mod, job well done and we drive the most of the time inside, so no worries :))


  4. If your traffic is too loud outside, just delete all sound files in mod and change in game_data.sii this line: interior_sound_volume:0,05 to lets say 0,5 – it makes biggest difference in interior w/o touching any sound files of traffic outside.
    interior_sound_pitch: is another line which number could be tweaked to get higher interior sound from traffic, hope this helps.

    1. Hi Kromus
      Thx, your are right. But
      When you Change the interior_sound_volume:
      you have all sounds louder.E.G the Horses
      on the Farm or birds.So, the Feeling is the
      Horse sitting on your side in the Cabin 🙂

  5. Traffic Sound Normal Map.
    New on 28.07.13
    Download again please

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