Trailer Chereau Skins By R. Roorda V1.26

– Tested version 1.26.Xs
– Standalone
– Ai_Traffic
– Advance Coupling
– Compatible with all pack trailer and all DLC
– Update for version 1.26

* Respect the download link *


Visser Lauwersoog 2x
Simon Loos
Peter Appel
Andreas Andersen
Heiploeg Zoutkamp
White Skin
Daily Fresh Logistics
Hoek – Trans B.V.
Hartman Expeditie
Kempen Transport
NVO Holland
JP. Vis & ZN
Jens Bode

Trailer: Nabil convert for ETS2, Quentin, Kamaz, Man400, Sergei Troubetzkoy, Ventyres, Sergeev, MDModding Skin: R Roorda(me)


8 thoughts on “Trailer Chereau Skins By R. Roorda V1.26

  1. anyone there can help me to opdate a chereau trailer pack to work in 1.26

    1. Fred_be it updated all all pack Chereau to v.1.26
      download what you’re interested in is whether you have of your skins to replace
      and the problem is solved

  2. Unfortunately, the package I use not opdatered to 1.26
    the one I use is chereau pack v5 with 56 skins
    have tried to write but unfortunately without success
    Therefore I thought others who could help me on the way;)

    1. I have many chereau old and not updated (no ADV coupling no animation brace)
      but they work perfectly on 1.26
      give me the original link of the pack and try v.5 has a look.
      Friend not everyone is willing to help is the opposite
      but only know how to criticize and insult

        the problem is I can use and watch the 1st trailer in each group so I can only use 5 trailer of 56 the rest I can not see or use not in ai

        1. I looked, and the files are all correct, and also AI traffic (all trailers)
          1 if you use even the pack Jazzycat, and difficult to see all trailers
          2 you can try another profile just pack v.5 to understand where and what the problem
          3 you can ask questions to the author Fred_be he usually always updates its work if there is a problem.
          I more I can do I’m so sorry??

          1. Thanks for your time to help i try to se if its will work 😉 😉

  3. i have try all now but nothing works new profile and only this pack aktiv stille the same så give up

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