Trailer House Oversize


This mod is made from the game 18 wos haulin and exported to the euro truck simulator 2. The weight of the trailer is 290 tons, and works for version 1.26



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7 thoughts on “Trailer House Oversize

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    290to on 2 Axle :’D

    1. Doc_KryToX

      and single tires haha

  2. Funny, but fun!

  3. 290 tons is more than unrealistic for anything related to this trailer.
    Give it a proper weight and we can talk.

  4. dont work!!!!!the trailer jump………and up ‘n’ down and up ‘n’ down
    and your truck is broken ‘n’ crash!!!!!

  5. vanhouten

    my brother has house similar like this (half length, but 2 containers) and it has 24 tons together 🙂

  6. As soon as you attach the trailer you bounce everywhere. Pointless – don’t bother downloading.

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