Trailer Krone John Corneth Int.Transport v 3.0

-trailer Krone profil- John Corneth Int.Transport v3
-real texture
-AI Traffic
-anim. brace
-tested version

-trailer:MDModding-Fred_be-and unknown
-Zoso standalone and skin-Animation Brace
I am not a modder and even a skinner
and not obliged nobody download my mod



5 thoughts on “Trailer Krone John Corneth Int.Transport v 3.0

  1. Perpek gan

  2. Perpek gan

  3. I did not understand what it means Perpek gan
    you can explain
    thank you

  4. Hello they have a template ??

    Best regards, Daniel

    1. I’m sorry but I’m not allowed
      We have to ask the authors of the Trailer
      thanks Daniel

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