Trailer Pack by Omenman v 15.0

Big pack trailers with skins from Omenman.
The package 70 cargo and 300 skins on 7 trailers (Fuel, Coolliner, Fridge, Profiliner, Container, Schmitz Universal and Rommi Schmitz).
United 10 mods and 1 trailer:

– Trailer Pack Cars 2.0 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Clothing 2.0 (19 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Drinks 2.0 (26 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Electronics 3.0 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Foods 2.0 (12 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Fuel 2.0 (12 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Games 1.0 (5 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Geographic 2.0 (63 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Logistic 4.0 (32 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Stars 4.0 (30 trailers)
– And trailers “Omenman”

Changes in version:
– All skins of trailers are identical with skins of the same name mod for ATS.

All trailers are autonomous and included in the traffic.

For version 1.30

Authors: SCS, Omenman

When placing the mod on other sites, save the author’s link!
Using skins for other mods is forbidden!

SCS, Omenman


4 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Omenman v 15.0

  1. Not bad BUT —–
    Why in the archive the screenshots of all cargoes at 580MB ?!
    The whole archive 760MB when the pack itself is 180MB in total ?!!

    1. You have something to waste! Package 552 MB

      1. Question AGAIN –
        Why you place in archive 574 Mbytes tripartite screenshots each of the trailer ?!
        When mod itself have only 180Mbytes ?!
        What’s the idea?

        1. Trailer Pack by Omenman v 15.0
          mod package itself for:
          – ETS2 – 540MB
          – ATS – 180MB
          BUT additional screenshots 540MB to both archives!
          Why? Thanks.

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