Trailers Skins T.G.I v 2.0

Hello! This is a Mod for add skins Team T.G.I a French VTC !!

Changelog to v2:
– Reworked Profiliner Trailer
– Add 2 new Trailers, Fridge and Coolliner
– Add 2 new Tanks, Chemical and Fuel

Game Version:
Tested and Compatible on v1.27 and Multiplayer

For the mods to be compatible, do not put the ZIP file in your mods. Extract the various SCS files from all trailers and tanks from the ZIP file and activate them in your mods managers (no activation order preferences).

Ne pas Reupload le Lien Merci ! / Don’t Reuploaed This Link !

Team T.G.I, MathysGaming31


2 thoughts on “Trailers Skins T.G.I v 2.0

  1. oneboy0519

    does not work
    I take a singleplayer and multiplayer it seems ☹ ~_~

  2. Single Player yes, Multiplayer not work.

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