Transparent steering wheel


Small mod which makes the steering wheel transparent. Renault Magnum –
LHD version only.
The outer rim of the steering wheel is completely invisible.
Unfortunately, I can only make the center transparent. It is still
visible, but not so obvious.



18 Responses to Transparent steering wheel

  1. barns says:

    why would you want a transparent steering wheel ?

  2. stewowe says:

    ??? it´s joke?

  3. Gorkal1ty says:

    Making it completely invisible it may be usefull and interesting for some steering wheel users, but transparent… weird XD

  4. Errick_Dannyel says:

    its LOOK AWESOME! like an alien truck, maybe a future truck! its a bit strange but its look great! let give you some advice: better enjoy yourself, put it here and everybody laught!

  5. wwer says:

    Stupidity . Why this nonsense spread?

  6. Zatk says:

    lol…I think it’s an alternative for users with logitech steering wheel …maybe

  7. Pezer says:

    Am i seeing things, WTH

  8. Srele says:

    It can be made full transparent.
    Do you need it? I will (try to) make it if you need it.

  9. Srele says:

    Sorry, I now see that it can’t be made. 🙁

  10. Yuri Masuda says:

    I want you to make it complete by all means.

  11. Yuri Masuda says:

    I want you to make it adapted for all the Truck

  12. MaxSenz says:


  13. sarboras says:

    What’s the point in this mod, i really don’t see how it make s the game more better or more fun. So why make this mod? can anyone work out the point of it ?

  14. EEV 2013 says:

    ### is this …. not usefull at all !!!!!!

  15. Andrew says:

    can u make it for all trucks and if there already is a mod can someone link it to me?

  16. TruckSimFan says:


    1) If you use TrackIR, wheels sometimes get in the way of reading instruments in dash.

    2) More immersion when not using GPS / F3 display (read gauges only)

    3) FOV and seating positions mods don’t clip the wheel if they are set close… As you would be in real life cabin of some of these trucks.

  17. TruckSimFan says:

    Says the retarded 12-year old…

  18. Gary says:

    I think it’s great. I use a Microsoft steering wheel and I don’t need to see the one in game. I wish I could move up in the seat more and not sit so far back in the cabin.

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