Transporti Horvatić MAN TGX E6

A MADster MAN TGX E6 repaintable skin of Croatian operator transporti horvatić.


My forum page! (I take skin requests there.)

Lost Virtual


6 thoughts on “Transporti Horvatić MAN TGX E6

  1. CroMarko

    Can you tell me why I don’t have that company name on sunshield? I download that mod and it’s not working for me on sunsheild… thanks!

    1. Lost virtual

      1. make sure this mod is above madsters tgx e6 mod

      2. under accessories look undr sunshield and find stock text

      hope this helps!

      1. does not work 🙁

  2. do you heave white version?:)

  3. Matijasi

    if man tgx euro 6 madster does not work for you then download win rara and extract mod it will work 100 percent it works me:)

  4. Lost virtual

    Small update
    1.0.1 made sunshield on man a standalone accessory

    Download Here!

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