Tricky Map 1.1 release

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First release of Tricky Map is ready, i still need you feedback for improvements, but i think will be all ok and funny.

Upgrades from the beta version:
– Added new Country: Czech Republic, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia and Switzerland
– Fixed small truck dealers (1.15 version)
– Reduced download file size
– Improvements in any of the original areas included in the beta version

Any of the 192 areas are different from the others… you will find more or less difficult is also depending from loading/unloading, day/night.

Author: ilratte


17 thoughts on “Tricky Map 1.1 release

  1. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Compatible whit truck sim map ?

  3. Does it work on TSM please

    1. Usually TSM never like other map mods… so is written on their mod infos… i hope will work with this one (trickymap affects only the parking areas, no junction between different map/roads).

  4. work in tsm ?

  5. Doesn’t work on older version? Just on 1.15?

  6. simoschmitz

    Ciao sempre meglio…;)

    1. o7 ! 8))

  7. Hello

    City BRNO trunk don`t enter in the park!!have a inviseble hall.

    1. Ty Daniel! i’ll check and fix soon sure 8)

      o7 !

    2. Brno fixed! Also few small details added in Berlin… TY for advise mate!

  8. PsychoBilly

    you should make this map for With promods 🙂

    1. Not without a salary! hehe Your idea is good and i hope i can do that in future, but i’m still trying to complete the original map… dah… so much work to do… 8)
      Drive safe! and keep on ask me stuffs!

  9. I try it with TSM map but unfortunately does not work :((
    I luv this kind of mod so keep the good work, maybe some day it eill work (*_*)

  10. Nice work man!

  11. wanted to try out your mod please, need the password for the protected archive

  12. Map crashes near small dealers. Please fix! One of my favorite mods,sucks being unable to use it.

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