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trickymap is builded for who want the life harder: never adds any roads, but will transform the parking area in a more interesting challenge. Currently including: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia… Going East DLC additional cities will be included soon. More informations at: .

Currently as a beta version…. i hope you enjoy and feedback! TY!



14 thoughts on “Tricky map

  1. thx for idea and sharing the map

    “map” made for

    ETS2 v1.13x?
    ETS2 v1.14x?

  2. Hi friend! trickymap is builded on 1.14 version but i think will not have problema working with older version of the game. o/ !

  3. Ну и где это все?мод не работает на карте TSM_Map_5
    Если его использовать с пакетом трейлеров Jazzicat и начать брать грузы,то игра вылетает.Если просматривать Галерею трейлеров,то этих трейлеров там нет.Даже без пакета Jazzicat,даже если поспать пару раз.
    Где ВСЕ!?

    1. так а где тут вообще про ТСМ речь? Ты карту поверх карты ставишь, насколько я понимаю

  4. Всё работает,замечательное дополнение,к дефолтной карте,автору респект,с картой Rusmap,работает без нариканий,лог чистый, интересная задумка у автора,
    удачи и успехов!!!

  5. Mr.GermanTruck
    1. TYVM

  6. Mercohaulic

    Does it work with TSM

  7. Teilweise arbeitet es mit der TSM Map…aber verursacht leide leider Abstürze.. Wäre super wenn das behoben werden könnte.

  8. does not work even with new profile and no mods added

    1. Normally have to… did you have Going East DLC? I’ve wrote that is a beta version, and your comments are useful for me… TY!

  9. Spoody Gonzalez

    Thanks for the nice map changes, it makes a real challenge! I love it. Up until now I had no problems as a standalone map with new profile.

  10. illratte

    It seems to be very interesting for use only with the standards trailers.

    I think there may be another version in order to use with long and heavy loads as are the trains, tanks and more fulfilled trailers of Jawa(in mod Peterbilt 351).

    It may be impossible to download other types of loads.

    1. Ty 4 feedback mates!
      Few compatibility issue will be solved in the next release (less than 7 days).

      Extra size load… hmmm… that’s a real trouble 8)
      Frequently a trick good for extra size cargo will become too easy for a standard size load… seems to be unsolvable. But actually the parking really impossibles with an extra-size are just a little percent: have you tried enough? heheheh

      o7 !

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