TSM Map 6.5

TruckSim Map 6.5 for patch 1.26.x

!Attention! Who would like to continue using the TSM map must have DLC East, Scandinavia and France!!!

Changes for Version 6.5
– Update to gamepatch version 1.26.x
– several bugfixes

These Mapversion is for patch version 1.26.x.

These Mapversion can’t be played with the patch version 1.25.X (or before)!

We have splitted our map in seven parts:


The seven parts are shown in the gamelog.txt as „6.5″

“These map is not compatible with other maps! You shouldn’t have any other map in your map directory!


Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map Team are offered under
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence. If you require further permissions you must contact us under TruckSim – Map

Is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks! It is absolutely forbidden to host this mod on any other filehosters.

It is allowed to distribute the original links in public. In this way you support our Project TruckSimMap.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

No other Download Hoster – It is only allowed to publish this work with the given Downloadlinks provided only by the TSM Team.

For Comments, Additions, Gratulations, Wishes and Suggestions you can always contact us via the forum under TruckSim – Map or sent us a mail to [email protected]

Find us on facebook under https://www.facebook.com/TrucksimMap/

SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan19990, Königszapfen, 2X2, diverbaer, Carinthian, Herminio Nieves, edson, kheiro, Palm, Yughues. Nobiax

DOWNLOAD 933 MB [Mirror]

49 Responses to TSM Map 6.5

  1. nykyyy says:

    Is problems bug Verona company Sano

  2. Maestro says:


  3. 4004 says:

    The fact that is incompatible with other maps makes it much less appealing

  4. bhw2279 says:

    Compatible with RusMap or Eastern Express + EAA?

    • Gabi27 says:

      “These map is not compatible with other maps! You shouldn’t have any other map in your map directory!”

    • Tyler says:

      Yes, it is compatible with Rusmap and EAA.

  5. nykyyy says:

    rusmap1.7.1 is only compatible with anything just so different map

  6. DeGelderseTrucker says:

    I can`t play it because I dont own Vive La France! dlc

    • heavygamer70 says:

      If you had read the presentation of the mod correctly, you would have seen immediately that you need the dlc Vive la France. ! !!!!!!! Warning! Who would like to continue using the TSM map must have DLC East, Scandinavia and France !!!

      • JoachimK says:

        I think, the Problem is, that DLC France you can actually have only on Steam. 🙁
        Me also, I don´t have it, so all Maps which are using France, are useless for everybody without Steam.

        @heavygamer70 – that´s what he means, no other Reason as for me also.

  7. Padre says:

    Thanks to TSM Team for this beautiful map.
    Thanks to ets2.lt for authentic DL link.

  8. Kriistof says:

    Good work ! Thanks dev
    But i Have bug in peage dlc france . No light in peage. But good work .

  9. Falkon says:

    Soon Patch 1.27 will come and will we have to wait several months for a new version again? Also in the current version are still the prefab and unknown model errors of the previous versions. Other maps are now much better and more up-to-date. Thanks anyway … but no longer TSM for me.

    • thimic51 says:

      What a pity !

    • DanceBraker says:

      @Falcon, i don’t have this errors, that you said. Do you use the same profile from previous TSM Version? I use the 6.5 in previous profile and new, in my older profile i have missing garage spawn from delated cities and in the new profil my log ist errorfree.

  10. A says:

    Why comment when it’s your fault for not having the dlc!!

  11. davoud says:

    Hi Stop Working error when loading the game

  12. Philippos says:

    Your maps are fantastic! Especially Greece and Italy are awesome! Good Work!

  13. B says:

    Stop working error when loading on me too

  14. Mako8841 says:

    Can anyone make a mod with the Eiffel Tower in France???????

  15. Pannickus says:

    make the mod compatible with Promods and i will download this!!!

  16. ebay_dot_com says:


  17. ishak says:

    game crushes when loading……. i think that i have a problem but how and where ???

  18. ishak says:

    pls any solutions As soon as possible 🙁 🙁

  19. luv12 says:

    may i upload in my club? i am korean some of koreans don know this site i want share pls

  20. damir says:


  21. John Hodselmans says:


  22. John Hodselmans says:

    Please create more rest areas in the TSM map 6.5 near Stuttgart in Germany!

  23. some random truck says:

    when update to 1.27???

  24. TruckerTucker says:

    Not true about all maps. Some maps like Hungary Fix or Russian Map Pack works in connection with this as long as the correct game update is here.

  25. dune1960 says:

    sorry to say but your map 6.5 is not Compatible with patch 1.27.
    will there be a fix for this because I really like your map.
    thank you

  26. Mako8841 says:

    Are you going to update for ETS2 v1.27??? Thanks.

  27. Robert says:

    I love this map, better than ProMods.
    Can you bring out a fix so it can work with the 1.27 patch
    Thank you

    • Aditto says:

      i dont think they’re gonna update it to play with 1.27! few months later 1.28will be released then the might update, I dont know. bt tsm developers are one of the laziest developers ever! it takes them several months to update a map. This map is awesome bt for there laziness i stopped it using!

    • RayFiftyOne says:

      By the time they have a 1.27 version we will be at 1.29!!

  28. Tom Swinnen says:

    Why can’t i use it with 1.27 ?

  29. hulloanson says:

    Wow, new version!

  30. spawning salmon says:


  31. RayFiftyOne says:

    What the ###### ####! We are almost at version 1.28!! ######!!

  32. Jorge says:

    eu uso o TSM 6.6_map.scs no 1.28 , e no original Euro Truck Simulator 2 da steam que tenho não aceitou porque?? quando eu abro o jogo ele fecha
    como eu faço para aceita no jogo original pois o mapa de vcs é muito legal nota 1000

  33. Jorge says:

    eu uso TSM 6.6_def_mats.scs no Euro Truck Simulator 2 no 1.28 só que no meu jogo da steam Truck Simulator 2 ele não aceita quando eu abro o jogo ele fecha e porque no outro sem ser original ele aceita, mais que que o mod TSM 6.6 aceita no meu jogo original como eu faço para aceitar pois o mod TSM 6.6 de vcs é nota 1000 melhor que o da steam

  34. Parth says:

    I tsm map for 1.28 without dlc

  35. Parth says:

    I need tsm map for 1.28 without dlc

  36. pepe says:

    just use promods, this is ####

  37. Mohamed says:


  38. Samudragupta says:

    does this work on version 1.27x of ETS2? I have all the dlcs required.

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