TT Route Advisor 1.38

ETS2 Route Manager

The ETS2 Route manager has been moved to the top of the screen.
All functions work with standard advisor keys.
Adapted from Hemil’s route manager.
Works with ETS2 v1.38.X.X.

Have fun
Tekteker Haydar

ETS2 Rota Yöneticisi

ETS2 Rota yöneticisi ekranın üst kısmına taşınmıştır.
Tüm fonksiyonlar standart advisor tuşları ile çalışır.
Hemil’s rota yöneticisinden uyarlanmıştır.
ETS2 v1.38.X.X ile çalışır.

İyi eğlenceler
Tekteker Haydar

Hemil, wik412, Tekteker Haydar


3 thoughts on “TT Route Advisor 1.38

  1. how to put the viewer down on the right?

  2. A_C_Muller

    You can not, it’s for the TOP/CENTER only. I personally like the new location! 😀

  3. I preferred the old version whereby you had multiple choices, i like my advisor on the bottom with rear view windows, any chance of updating that version to !.38 and future updates?

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