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TTMODS – Drive Your Dream…


– Buy DIRECTLY from Man dealer. (if you try to buy online, it will crash)

– If you are using my “Ford Cargo 2520” mod, put this mod ABOVE it on mod priority menu. (that mod will also be updated to 1.27 soon)

– Use warp 0.86 command on game console for maximum realism.

– This vehicle can be used BOTH as a truck and as a lorry with its dumper. (or dump truck, i don’t know how u call it)


– DOĞRUDAN Man bayisinden satın alın. (online satın alırsanız oyundan atar)

– Benim Ford Cargo 2520 modumu kullanıyorsanız, bu modu sıralamada onun üzerine koyun. (Ford modu da yakında güncellenecektir)

– Daha gerçekçi bir sürüş deneyimi için oyun içi konsoldan warp 0.86 komutunu kullanın.

– Hem çekici hem de kamyon olarak sürülebilir.

Tunak [TTMODS]



15 thoughts on “[TTMODS] MAN 520 HN v.1 (RELEASED)

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Владимир Забачев

    Обновите ссылку,пишет нет файла.

    1. link works. there is something wrong with your connection.

  3. HI,download don’t work. Please fixed it.

    1. link works. there is something wrong with your connection.
      try clearing your cache.

  4. Mr. Trini Trucker

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  5. Racz Bela

    Nice Mod, but please make a twoaxle version. Thanks

  6. Rácz Béla

    Im a Great Fan of MAN Trucks, this Mod is Awesome! But Please make this truck with Two Axles, Sleeping Cab, and Jake Brake. Thanks

  7. This truck not work on game version 1.26. Game crash when i try to go MAN dealer. Can you fix this?

  8. update+to+1.27

  9. This one is really promising, great work on that cabin really, but on other places this is just unfinished. The chassis really not fit in the game being too long and too high, and those wheels are half made, really. I am looking forward to use this if you can fix these in the future.

    1. *Wheels can be painted
      *This vehicle is actually a lorry not a truck. Thats why the chasis is long

  10. Aga helal olsun yapıyosun bu işi. Birde öneri olarak BMC tm140 bakabilirsin usta. beklemedeyiz…

  11. Ağladım lan resmen, helal olsun!

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