UH60 Helicopter Trailer

UH-60-Helicopter-Trailer-2 UH-60-Helicopter-Trailer-1

Tested: 1.14.x version
Replace: cargo Tubes

Author: Farzad


16 thoughts on “UH60 Helicopter Trailer

  1. Nice 😉 Dawsh Farzad 🙂

    1. eshghi Mohammad 😀

  2. scaniatrucker73

    That cargo is going to be difficult to get through tollgates with because the rotor blades of the helicopter aren’t folded.
    In real life helicopters are never transported with the rotor blades unfolded.

    1. Yes, sorry . fix it soon

      1. I look forward to a second version. The idea is good and it looks great on the screenshot. When you fold the main rotors, do also remember to fold the aft-rotor, as it is now, it will add unneccary hight and can also easier harm the rotor. And as it is now it will not just be difficult with tollgates, you will not get out of any company, the gates will stop you, hehe. Voyager I hope you see it as a funny little miss, as we all can do.

        1. :)) ok ok fix it

          I thank you for offer

    2. apferreira truckman

      when I saw the picture of the mod I would write this even more since you wrote I am reinforcing

      1. thank you 🙂

  3. Nice work…

  4. I’d probably aim at putting on a low bed trailer too with warning lights.

    1. good work but its just what I was going to say too put it on a low bed trailer fold the rotor blades like scaniatrucker73 said and I’d be the first one to download it.

  5. marcelofs

    Dear friend:
    Excellent work, very detailed
    a suggestion: the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk can fold the wings for transport or storage.
    I suggest you see these links:


    (sorry, I can not atachar images)
    Great work, I hope to have it in my collection
    thanks for your work and for sharing!!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  6. in my version of ets2 v1.14.0.4s i don’t have the folder ‘mod’ in Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder and i don’t know where to put your .scs can you help me? where to put this ?? i don’t have any mods 🙁

  7. Nice work and i wont go on about the rotors because it has already been said. What i would suggest though is putting it on a long bed low loader trailer

    1. That’s also already been said

  8. American Trucker

    Also, I would turn it around. For aircraft, they are typically hauled facing the same way they are designed to fly, front goes forward. The aircraft, while strong, are not designed to fly backwards, but forwards.

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