UK AI Emergency Vehicles


This mod adds four new vehicles into the AI that will only appear in
the UK. These vehicles are:
Police Car
Ambulance Car
Highways Agency Car

Author: Daniel


9 Responses to UK AI Emergency Vehicles

  1. Your Mom says:

    Great mod mate, works like a charm, good work.

  2. Snowleopard says:

    As always Daniel, another quality mod, thank you!


  3. Commenter says:

    When i installed this mod, the other traffic cars have diffrent rims and wider tyre T_T

  4. You Thought says:

    Can you help me? I don’t how to find it in the game. I know to to put the file in Eurotrucksimulator2/mods then i add the mod. But when i start the game I don’t know where to find it? plz help

    • SC says:

      You Thought- these are AI vehicles, you cannot drive them. They are for the traffic only.

  5. Sefa says:

    You Thought, what version have you? If you’ve got 1.3.1 version, you can put it in the game like this : Enter the game, before choosing profile click on “Edit” and the mods will appear right and you click all mods you want to get in the game.

    If I helped you, nice for you.
    Good day 馃檪

  6. Moonzee says:

    If its british why does it have a German number/licence plate on it?

    But apart from that its a brilliant mod

  7. niknor2015 says:

    袩袨袞袗袥校袡小孝袗?! 袨袘袧袨袙袠孝袝 袛袥携 袧袨袙蝎啸 袙袝袪小袠袡 1.21 啸? 小袩袗小袠袘袨 袙袗袦! 5+++++! 小 袧袝孝袝袪袩袝袧袠袝袦 袘校袛校 袨袞袠袛袗孝鞋 袨孝 袙袗小 袧袨袙蝎袝 袦袨袛袝袥袠!

  8. Trainzmad says:

    Does it work with jazzy cats mods? Like ai traffic pack?

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