UK Map (Standalone – [UKTS 2]


1. Unzip archive with winrar / 7zip
2. Copy .scs file to the mod folder
3. When creating your profile activate
UKTS_2_(uk_map_for_ETS2_1.8.2.5).scs and select britain.mbd as module!



22 thoughts on “UK Map (Standalone – [UKTS 2]

  1. Joe Alker

    You mean, UKTS WITHOUT LAG!!! Brilliant

  2. Joe Alker

    @kcks It means that UK Drivers aren’t bombarded with jobs to europe that they don’t want to do. ####.

  3. setiawebid

    just make the map as a single map
    so like uk truck simulator
    because I was not used to driving in the right lane

    1. Please make a only Europe mod. I wasn’t used to driving in the left lane. 😀

      1. setiawebid

        ok next time
        I would to edit map ,,,
        just drive on europe
        and remove the uk

  4. DeineMudda

    can u make only swizz and austria?

  5. Mapa nie dziala

    1. setiawebid

      1. Winrar / 7zip ile arşivi açın
      2. Kopyalar. Scs dosyaları mod klasörüne
      3. Profilinizi etkinleştirmek oluştururken
      UKTS_2_ (uk_map_for_ETS2_1.8.2.5). Scs ve bir modül olarak britain.mbd seçin!

      1. Wrong language brother. 🙂

  6. it is what this map? what does it change? I have not seen anything this is a joke? could put a description of the map?

    1. Removes a huge part of the game you paid for, namely mainland Europe, you’re welcome (sarcasm)

  7. Buy UK truck simulator

    1. Joe Alker

      Actually, UKTS had awful performance on low-end computers, even with no mods. This mod tries to replicate the gameplay as much as possible, while utilising the massive improvements that ETS2 brought.

      In light of this, I created a much harder realistic economy version.

      Approved by setiawebid was well.

      1. TYVMuch JOE

  8. I like – fact


    1. Oh it got the Baba seal of asskissery, it must be top notch then!

  9. One of the most useless mods I’ve ever seen on this site! LAME!

    1. But Baba says he likes it, for a fact! Hahahaha

    2. Then DON’T D/L it! There no need to slag the mod off just cos you don’t like it. I don’t really see the point in this mod, but I’m not about the slag off setiawebid. If he like this then good for him and for anyone else that just want’s to play only in the UK

  10. jeeeezzz!!! do you really spend your time doing this s…

  11. Delta_880

    Nice… Just wish there was a huge difference… like including Ireland

  12. why do a map whith no updates i thought the whole idea was to add cities and stuff

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