Ultra Game Cheat (UGC)v2.2

What is UGC ?
It’s an edition of the rewards in the game and the money. For those who wants to have a lot of easy money and fast XP!

For v 1.27 but may work on previous versions
If you want to donate for this hard work please check the ”read_me” for the paypal link. Of course it’s not an obligation and every penny is pleasant.



5 thoughts on “Ultra Game Cheat (UGC)v2.2

  1. hard work :))))))))))))))))) you’ve spent probably a few days to change 2 numbers :)))))))))))))

  2. spartacus33


  3. Poi si può usare pure cheat engine per i soldi o no?

    1. I didn’t try but I suppose yes

  4. this mod is worthless. uwhen u run truck its earn lot of money and minimum charges on purchases. but when ur driver complete their duties the income is not added …. its earn a loss of much more money everytime they start work. useless mod

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