USA CB/Scanner Radio Chatter Mod v1.0 English


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So I searched and searched for a American sounding CB radio chatter
mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and was surprised to not find ANY on
any of the top mod sites. So since I own my own studio I decided to
mix down just over 15 mins of loop for anyone who wants CB chatter in
English, (also some Spanish incl.) Simple install, copy and paste the
mp3 file to your ETS2 music folder, turn it on in your radio and go.
Hope you enjoy, S/O’s to all the other hot mod makers out there and I
hope to join the ranks.

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All Rights Reserved

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18 thoughts on “USA CB/Scanner Radio Chatter Mod v1.0 English

  1. T-Rieper-GER

    Sounds great. I dont need it, because i listen to radiostreams while playing ETS2. In 18 WOS there was a text CB, but this wont make any sense in ETS2.

  2. Oh great been waiting for something like this 🙂 thanks for making this mod

  3. Martinchik

    watch out for GTS. There are2 cb mods avaible 😉

  4. any vids to hear it?

  5. darnellm09

    Cool, I listen to my internet radio stream too on my sim radio, but I used to drive in real life here in the states and still love the noise of all that radio chatter in my cab….

  6. darnellm09

    Your welcome Stephen & I’m glad you liked this 1st version of my sound mod, stay tuned, I plan about 4 more of these in english for people who just luv the annoying crackle and random conversations keeping you awake in your cab on them long huals at night…REAL truck drivers like myself can appreciate this mod

  7. darnellm09

    Are they in English? Do you have a link for that site?

  8. darnellm09

    Yes I do, I just added the 1st promo video to this site this morning so I guess whenever the approve it, it will pop up here but you can also visit my YouTube channel at there are 3 promo for this sound mod and I’m trying to get them added here as well

  9. where do you place this file exactly?

  10. this is great, thx 🙂
    Where can I find that dashboard, looks good

  11. in the same place where you put the mods but in the music folder, ex:
    ***\my documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\music

  12. hello mate , from where you have the mod of your scania i would like to have the same , could you send me the mod file

  13. darnellm09

    Yeap, this mod is a sound file

  14. darnellm09

    Sorry guy’s I really really don’t remember where all the mods I use were collected from anymore, I 1st started on this sim on a crappy PC and had setting on all low, now I have a decent one and the library I have was built over many many test of mods working together, trust me…..

  15. This is ridiculous! I was so excited until I listened to the video. You claim to drive in America in real life but u don’t know this isn’t even cb chatter?? This is an EMERGENCY SCANNER! What the hell driver listens to an emergency service scanner while driving? I know I sure don’t and I am a real driver in the states. Would u like me to record REAL cb chatter for your “studio”?

  16. darnellm09

    I guess you cant read can you Josh, it clearly states this is a scanner mod smart#[email protected]!!! No I don’t need you to do anything for me! A new CB ONLY Mod Update was posted on this site today so shut up and wait for the new one to post here or do your own mods “Mr Ungrateful”!! #smdh

  17. Thanks

    1. darnellm09

      Your welcome

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