USA Skin

We made a mod for the elections in America

Kingrol modding team


14 thoughts on “USA Skin

  1. Wrong game, wrong place! Hahaha

  2. PS: Wrong truck ####!

  3. you only made a junk Mod …. you can’t create a ZIP file with password and then rename it to SCS, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK !!!

    1. i will fixs this

    2. i will fixs this

  4. Matt_07ita

    Poi Scania non è nata in usa ma in svezia!

  5. das letzte, was wir brauchen ist ein US-Skin.
    Geh und spiele ATS, da bist du gut aufgehoben.

  6. ócska mod

  7. Matt_07ita

    Non fa vedere il frontale perchè fa pena

  8. “We made a mod for the elections in America”
    Who needs and wants this ?
    If you be a friend of this Country from the new A.H.,
    immigrate to it…

    Here are more senseless Mods and Skins, you did
    one more.
    As I know, Politics, Sexism and Racism is forbidden here.
    That makes only Problems.

  9. Scania is made in Sweden

  10. Can i use it to run over Trump? That will make America great again!

  11. wir sind hier nicht in Amerika. Wahlkampf dafür mach dort.
    Das hat nichts mit Eurotruck zu tun.

  12. Joe Biden

    Next mod can you please make speed hump with Trump face on it?

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