V8K Scania Michelin Wheels v3 Patch 1.23


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Updatet for Patch 1.23
No Support!

(No other download Hoster!)

Have fun!

V8K-Blaine, BartvHam, KAMAZ, Maxim Ognevenko



12 thoughts on “V8K Scania Michelin Wheels v3 Patch 1.23

  1. Aussie-Bloke

    truck mod

  2. Tanks V8K-Blaine?????
    I wanted to ask in the future there will be a standalone version to be included in the trailer ??
    sorry for English
    Ciao ciaoZ

  3. mikehackenbacker

    thank you ,at last i can get rid of those horrid bog standard wheels and tyres

  4. Thanks much!

  5. interior svp

    1. interior svp

  6. nerowskyyMonster

    Truck please!

  7. TEDDY Bär 1-4

    The Front Wheels don´t worked.
    Version 1.23 / High Priority.

  8. are good but manchmahl lubricates the game from oh buys in nix
    because we dispute to demand the things I bought I do not mahl more I Reach and are prohibited money the display is out Schohn

  9. Matthias Meyer

    can you make a update please for 1.24?
    That was very good.

  10. can you please update to 1.24, it’s deleting wheel hubs

  11. Matthias Meyer


    can you make a update please for 1.28?
    You make a great job!!!
    Thank you!

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