VD Customs DAF Addons

because people leaked my private stuff from my vtc i decided to share them myself so you all can enjoy it

it works on euro 5 en euro 6 daf

VD customs


8 Responses to VD Customs DAF Addons

  1. zizu says:

    compatible with jetta addons?

  2. Someone says:

    Is it compatible with vad&k’s DAF?

  3. alex82 says:


  4. alex82 says:

    doesn’t work

  5. v8_boy2 says:

    yes it works

  6. Mark.H says:

    Is there a mod to paint the rear mudguards?

  7. kamil48 says:

    missing files
    / vehicle / truck / upgrade / share / ……
    / Model / blender_export / jt_toplight / toplampje / …….
    / Model / blender_export / lollipop / jt_lolipop_light1_l.
    and others

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