Vimeo Physics v 2.4


Version 2.4:
– Set more realistic movement of pneumatic suspension of the cabin
– Improve and more realistic the action suspensions of the front wheels and trailer axles
– Change parameter of driving and braking in rainy & snowy weather for more feeling them
– Optimization for using gamepad, joystick and keyboard

Author: Filip Rokoski


4 thoughts on “Vimeo Physics v 2.4

  1. eatmyball

    good job its about similar to realistic 😀

  2. А мне не нравится.Грузовик как-то резко дергает постоянно при торможении и старте.

  3. LionBuster

    1.18 please! 😀

    1. LionBuster

      1.19 d:

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