Volkswagen Bora 2003

i convert this car from game city car driving
-HQ quailty interior_exterior
-full animations
-own sound with the best engine and gear
-i created dashboard it have speed
-accessory : int_color and leather,wheels
-the car it indepentent
-i locked the mod don’t try to open you can’t

NOTE” I see all the comments and then accept most of the requests. I inform you in the event of a problem with the car until we release the latest version. I respect your opinions. More encouragement so that we can do the best. I am in rapid development. Thank you, my friends, Yahya.




23 thoughts on “Volkswagen Bora 2003

  1. abi golf 6r yapmanı bekliyorum çok kısa sürede kendini geliştirmişsin arabalara yaptığın egzoz sesleri çok güzel sayende oyundan daha çok zevk aldım seninle gurur duyuyorum , sen mükemmel bir insansın, son zamanlarda yaptığın arabalar diğer insanların yaptığı modlardan çok daha iyi, umarım başarılı bir kariyerin olur.

    1. (Translate) bro, I’m waiting for you to make a golf 6r, you have improved yourself in a very short time, the exhaust sounds you make for the cars are very nice, thanks to you, I enjoyed the game more. I am proud of you, you are an excellent person, the cars you have made recently are much better than the mods made by other people, I hope you have a successful career.

      1. Yahiaabed

        I think it in game bro but I will do vw sharan and mk5 2004

        1. I would be very happy if you do the mk5 2004 mod. I will suggest you the exhaust explosion sound and if you switch to 6 gear transmission, I think it would be better because the car gets stuck at 2000 3000 rpm of the 6th gear, you can’t go faster. The mods you made are very high quality.

  2. Can u make an Audi A4 B8 2012 diesel? it was my dad s car in 2017-2019 and i miss it soo much because he totaled it due to a drunk driver on the other side of the road that went into his lane

  3. Venci_bulgaria

    can you fix the headlights thanks

  4. badrmoroccogothacked


  5. karatosmessi

    can you add motorcycle plz

  6. Iliesse Arbouche

    Hello can you make volkswagen tiguan 2013 from gta v mods?

  7. Bora 2010 please

  8. Mercedes 2023 amg E63s please

  9. Burak Engin

    mercedes w126 please :))))

    1. Yahiaabed

      Next month I will upload

  10. I will donate for you to do a high quality mk6 2012 volkswagen jetta

    1. yahiaabed

      bro i done the vw jetta just i will update

  11. No sound

  12. Golf 5 please…

  13. Mercedes fan

    Hi can you make mercedes w211 mod . I like ur mods they are the best . Good luck .

  14. Please fix fuell level. At 60 km full throttle and the petrol runs out!

  15. hello I saw the mod and well done congratulations you could make the mod of the skoda yeti 2014 the interior of the skoda is very similar to the base skoda of the game so there is no need to create the internal textures. anyway congratulations again for the mod hello

  16. pls tofaş doğan slx :))

  17. bro custom license plate and pls make mercedes w211

  18. Can you please make BMW e65 please…

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