volkswagen jetta variant

a new car volkswagen jetta variant
-HQ interior and exterior
-i use the best of material
-original wheel
-you can add some accessory interior and exterior
-sound own
-this car from game assetto corsa
-the shadow it fix the lights it work
-animations window interior

it’s free for personal

enjoy ……………..



27 thoughts on “volkswagen jetta variant

  1. Great car model, but the speedometer does not work properly. I’ll ask again, could you make the engines a little more powerful?

    1. Yahiaabed

      I forgot bro change inside the file animations

      1. how to do that? Will car be faster?

  2. Hello brother, i really like your work. Would you make me some cars i got HQ models with HQ inteniors, etc… Would you add me on discord, dear YAHIA ABID? Mine user and tag is NaMan#8789. Please, add me and have a nice day!

  3. Paul Ionescu

    PLS Volkswagen CC 2011

  4. pls make opel corsa

  5. Toyota Grup Partner

    Va rog sa faceti TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300

  6. looks amazing. can u make a passat cc? (facelift or non facelift, both are very beautiful). thanks a lot :D.

    1. Yahiaabed

      I will do waiting just

  7. pls skoda yeti

  8. I want opel vectra is it possible a or b case thank you

  9. can you try Skoda 120L please

    1. Yahiaabed

      I have skoda octavia 2004 it nice car but I will do in next week

  10. Man I really like your mods can you pls make Ford Fiesta 2006?I would be very grateful.Thank you

  11. Amazing car!!!! You could make the citroen c4 picasso 2007.

    1. Yahiaabed

      Bro I think I make car citroen xsara picasso for you you see now I will choose the old of cars will see cars amazing in next day wait just…..

    2. Yahiaabed

      It’s not hq interior you know I can’t to lose my time to do car like that when I do just hq interior

  12. please make volkswagen touran

  13. Bro good cars,but when i add the mod they have a same name same HP why?…

  14. Bro good cars,but when i add the mod they have a same name same HP why?…

    1. like Merceds 190,renault megane,where is the problem?

      1. yeah and the max speed which sucks

      2. Yahiaabed

        Problem in program scs worker update

  15. please make a Honda Accord 2007 v6!!

  16. most normal jetta in ohio

  17. Hey man! Can you add world of trucks number plates?

  18. hello brother, do you think you could do a mod with a Seat Toledo or Audi a4 b7?

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