Volvo 8700 bus


Tested and Approved
Version: 1.7.1 –
Replaces Truck: Volvo FH
Author: Mage Edition
3D Work: Cristobal Rodriguez
Skins: Chile Posole & Goose
Editing, Conversion and Animations: Mage
Cleaners: Queso Sabino HDP


12 Responses to Volvo 8700 bus

  1. Masahiro says:

    Can you upload a version without the things on the wheel? I find them slightly distracting and they slightly ruin my OCD. Thanks!

  2. tigre says:

    grazie del volvo bus e una forte

  3. .. says:

    its a 9700 no 8700

  4. tunak says:

    video? interior photo?

  5. bhaveshh97 says:

    It’s Fake Mod….

  6. trucker says:

    my friend the game crashes when i try to visit a volvo dealer to buy it. version. fix it please.

  7. Moein says:

    Gooooooooooood !! Not Fake !!!

    test :

    my pic and Iranian Skin :

  8. Zatk says:

    this mod work i like because you configure the chassis but my ado skin bus crash my game… work fine for me with the blue bus… maybe the problem is if put the buses together …crash the game…

  9. DrifterNHS says:

    Blue bus is fine. but, Red one is crash..
    and lights and chassis is seperated.
    when braking or cornering, chassis leaned. but lights is fixed their position.
    I want to see it fix soon.

  10. Ramin says:

    It doesn’t show up in the Volvo showroom.THe parts and everything else are there but the bus isn’t there

  11. Same bug says:

    Doesn’t show up in the Volvo showroom.

  12. crazymodwayne says:

    DONT download this on the 1.9 + as this will crash your game and you wont beable to open any show room without the game crashing

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