Volvo EDC

Volvo-EDC-1 Volvo-EDC-2

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– Standalone
– Ao Bake
– Template
– 1 type of cabin
– 1 type chassis
– 4 types of engines
– 2 types of transmissions
– 2 types of inner
– More than 50 accessories
– 1.25 works

Don’t reupload and respect the credits and download link.

Author: Rafael Alves


6 thoughts on “Volvo EDC

  1. Robert Lillington

    i cannot find the template please can you explain where i can find it as you say there is one

  2. JonTheVGNerd

    Bad mod. Riddled with bugs and errors.

  3. Interior is from the F10 / 12 / 16. The A-pillars do not match.


    1. Yeah, cause this model was made over the Volvo F16 NorCargo. And it really has a lot of errors and bugs, it’s a unfinished mod

  4. works on 1.24 ???

  5. muito legal

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