Volvo F10 8×4 PBA V 1.14.2d


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Version 1.14.2d
Hello I have just again fixed some things that caught me or wish by some users what has been fixed and changed:
-The speedometer was so changed that it no longer is blurry now can man read the speedometer very good;
-When 8×4 chassis I have a new Liftaxse added yet now is the 2 Lenkkaxse from the front and the rear quite axse liftable looks cool :);
-Then comb a new engine to do so by a user request on Youtube The new engine now has 550 ps and thus can draw up to 75 tons;
-I have the further description The motors driven chassis and modified thus far every now what engine to which the chassis and driven one of them. a z..B 324Ps 6×4 chassis Up to 35 tons 550hp 6×4 chassis to 75 tons up to 250 tons 1000PS 8×4 chassis etc actually it is then clear if man makes the truck in the shop ready;
-then I have the steering wheel 🙂 embellished a bit so the was it again I hope you like it 🙂

Stass556, Chris, Gandorin



9 thoughts on “Volvo F10 8×4 PBA V 1.14.2d

  1. theres an tobj error right in front of picture… red square doorhandle… error in log… without downloading…

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Skin P. Björne Anderson made by Freddy Jimmink

    For all crediteers who want their f-word credits, give them to others too!!

  3. fritsthetrucker

    too bad it doesn’t have a 4×2 chassis…. that’s what is most common, and what i like most to pull curtainsides or containers.Any chance there will be such a chassis available in the near future? it would be great!!! keep up the great work!


  4. where to find the truck?

  5. The_Driver

    Video Volvo F10 1000 HP:

  6. Pleas make 12 gears in gearbox to heavy cargos

  7. is it just me or is the dashboard indicators wierd? cant see them. they like tiny dots. not lights 🙁

    1. What dealership do you go to?

  8. nice

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