Volvo FH 2009 V.Fraser & Sons Skin

Volvo-FH-2009-V.-Fraser-&-Sons-Skin-2 Volvo-FH-2009-V.-Fraser-&-Sons-Skin-1

V.Fraser & Sons Skin for Volvo FH 2009 Truck

Author: alexandrusava93


10 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2009 V.Fraser & Sons Skin

  1. silviu002

    In sfrsit un mod facut bine de un roman

    1. test it the mods from ohaha and nIGHT-Son. They are bouth pro modder from your Homeland. They are very very professional.

  2. Why politics here?

    1. why not!

      1. Because it ain’t the place for it. Because you can express your nationalism wherever else you want. This is an ETS community, not about unifying territories. This I see just as a primitive move.

  3. foarte bine ai facut Alex. SI prezentarea e foarte buna.

  4. alexandrusava93

    Multumesc frumos !

    Cu toate ca am doar 21 de ani si nu am prins vremurile de demult , am o durere in suflet pentru ca am fost candva furati . Sunt din BUZAU , nu am nici o ruda in moldova sau in Moldova de peste Prut , dar cel mai important lucru este ca BASARABIA e ROMANIA iar eu sunt ROMAN adevarat !

    Revin cu un alt skin care o sa aibe aceeasi prezentare .

  5. Alex you’re welcome.

  6. @Dejan is right!

  7. alexandrusava93

    My friend , is just a map . take it easy .

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