Volvo FH 2012 Arne Sjule Skin

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Tested on 1.34!

Skin for Volvo FH 2012 from company Arne Sjule. Including skins for every possible Ekeri semitrailers and tandem trailers.

Required mods
– [Eugene] Volvo FH&FH16 2012 Reworked
– [MrCapital] Kraker/NTM/VAK/Ekeri Addon for Eugene’s Volvo FH&FH16 2012
– [kast] Ekeri trailers
– [kast] Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDONS

Recommended mods
– [abasstreppas] Hella Auxiliary light pack
– [50keda] Wheels Pack

Specially created for
– Globetrotter XL cab
– 6×4 tandem chassis

!!! Please don’t edit and reupload without my permission !!!

Enjoy ?

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5 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2012 Arne Sjule Skin

  1. KattBjorn92

    Can you make the same skin to bigger tandem trailer? 😀

    1. It fits every Ekeri trailer, I already made skins and definitions for them 🙂 So you can choose any Ekeri trailer and skin will work.

  2. GermanETS2Driver

    Great work 🙂

  3. ### you wrote wrong…… -.- it’s Vi Leverer not Vi Leveler …… XD

  4. Beauty!

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