Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v18.1.2s


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v18.1.2s is up

– fixed Large Angled Lollipop shadow caster
– changed material on inner face of side windows panels to match interior


DOWNLOAD 32.3 MB [sharemods]

10 Responses to Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v18.1.2s

  1. puffitheone says:

    I must say thanks for all your hard work,updates etc.It´s on of the best mods for the game.Thx man

  2. Wellington says:

    Thks Ohaha, nice work.

  3. randy says:

    let us use are skin too….com on dude,i like ur mod but let us change skins or put some more skins yourself….the skins are awefull

  4. Hedegaard says:

    He doesnt give support on the mod if you download it from here..
    He only supports downloads from

    I use it myself.. and its easy to change skin on it… Use 2012 template… then add the 2013 model in ets2studio as a new model.. and make the mod there.. easy..

  5. trigger says:

    request for next update.

    can you make the new grill for the fh-16 volvo in the mod please?

  6. P1K3Y_M1K3Y says:

    You added the orange strobe LED’s đŸ˜€

    Excellent mod, thanks.

  7. marangi says:

    wanted to add a suggestion if you can add tinted windows for the volvo fh13. love you work tough.

  8. H9jin says:

    1500hp plx

  9. taunts says:

    Awsome job as usual! but please please please black glasses:)

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