Volvo FH4 Globetrotter ХL + other Cabs

Volvo-FH-4-Globetrotter-ХL+other-Cabs-1 Volvo-FH-4-Globetrotter-ХL+other-Cabs-2

Volvo Truck with tuning, wheels, skins
Tested 1.14 version

Authors: scs, joe, sanya228, arnold_bulochka, OvOsH


9 Responses to Volvo FH4 Globetrotter ХL + other Cabs

  1. frazzle says:

    The truck is a scam. The pictures supplied here is not the real thing. It is a stock scs

  2. steve white says:

    Truck in the picture looks like it is a Turbosquid model, however the truck ingame is just the stock Volvo FH with a few extra options.

  3. Kenny says:

    STOLEN MOD !!! It’s Volvo New FH by Ohaha from August 2014. You fu*** … !!!

  4. Mihai says:

    Crashes on version 1.14.2s !

  5. Piter says:

    This is not a Volvo FH ohaha.

  6. Sorin Patrik says:

    The truck from photo I think will never be relased 🙂 It’s a payed base from Turbosquid and nobody isn’t so crazy to make public a ~100 $ base 😉

  7. Krzysiek says:

    The same files like here:

    Crashes on 1.14 version if you choose chassis different than 4×2 :/

  8. Diablo says:

    Sorry for the video quality

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