Volvo FM Fix v 1.5 (1.33 & UP)

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Changes 1.5:
Bug fixes
Separated front mudflaps
Added shorter front mudflaps
Fixed UI shadow on low deck chassis
Added support for Flags DLC
Added Volvo Roof Arch
Added slots for beacons and horns
Added headlight protection

The mod includes:
3 Cabs
4×2 chassis
4×2 low deck chassis
6×2 chassis
6×4/4 midlift chassis
6×2 tag chassis
6×4 chassis

Changed models to volvo_fm
Changed def files to
Added support for trailer cables
Added support for advanced coupling
Added correct engines and gearboxes
Added badges for each engine
Cleanup of model
Cleanup of textures
Separated spoiler from the cabin
Changed Interior to FH 2012
Added and corrected flares
Added Day cab
Added Interior for Day cab
Added Sleeper cab
Added Interior for Sleeper cab
Separated front fenders
Added painted fenders
Added icons for major parts

jekich1 & Stas556, Update galimim


8 thoughts on “Volvo FM Fix v 1.5 (1.33 & UP)

  1. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.34…

  2. can you do rigid pls?

  3. This truck is getting better 🙂 .I agree with KKropy that it would be good to add rigid chassis. It would also be good to change the color of the interior by black, since from the outside you see that color, and it would be different from the scs volvo.

    1. The truck on 1.34 got far worst apparently. Also it causes conflicts with other scs vanilla trucks lol. This version is far better anyways than the 1.34 one lol.

  4. please+add+spoiler+for+day+cab

  5. Hello, Can please somone Make a tutorial how to install this mod?


  6. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, VOLVO FM, Düşük Kabin [1.34],

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