Volvo Lightbox (skinnable)


This is a mod that covers up the globetrotter sign with a skinnable sign.
Please respect the readme from the original author. Keep the file unlocked when redistributing.

It can be bought in the roofbar section.

Grtz BartvHam

Author: Daltontune


8 Responses to Volvo Lightbox (skinnable)

  1. Max says:

    This is really useful!

  2. MasterOfKristian says:

    Great Work!

  3. GoAt says:

    Great work! Could you make the grill skinnable aswell?

    • BartvHam says:

      You can do that in Truckshop 7.2 (grille and rear fenders)

      But sadly not the front fenders, those are still grey plastic

  4. Pascal says:

    plz help me,
    i want to skin the lightbox but my SCS Extractor don’t work????
    is there an other option to skin the lightbox???

  5. MasterOfKristian says:

    The Download Link doesnt work.
    New one please

  6. Jonesy says:

    Can you change it from roofbar upgrade pleasee !

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