Volvo Longline


This is the v1.0 of the volvo as a longliner

freddy jimmink skin erling brianrasmussen and me kenneth and punisher


13 thoughts on “Volvo Longline

  1. its ugly, let it be its original truck… not LINGLINE

    1. People leave the most asinine comments to these mods.

  2. Georgegold

    Not template?

  3. Link for Volvo Paint Sideskirt ???

  4. BEST!!!!

  5. how to buy? there isn’t a ”longline”

    1. Joseph Alker

      Probably an extra cab on customise configuation

  6. add the chassis for this truck volvo longline

  7. Great truck, looks and drives nice 🙂

    1. where did you get this cabin? there is no long line to buy or somehow as accessories

      1. i found it from internet shop it take 1 slot and on shop it is lowest possible cab… you must upgrade it to XL cab…

  8. ### why you ruin a fantastic truck and the fantastic work made by SCS!!! OK for the Scania longline….bit the new Volvo??? Hell no!!!! It is an unreal and really ugly mod…. Respect for you modder and for your work, but in this case you ruin a fantastic truck…

  9. Which dealer can you buy it

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