Volvo New FH 6×2 Sideskirts Punisher


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**** Volvo New FH 6×2 Sideskirts Punisher ****
I)Installed mod
1)Open the winrar file
2)Extraire all files *.scs on desktop
3)Copy the file *.scs in your file mod
–> C:\Users\Ayoub 2015\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
4)Active the mod
5)Enjoy !!!!
work for version 1.10.x and 1.9.x
tested this mod in version 1.10.1

Ayoub Systeme DZ


6 thoughts on “Volvo New FH 6×2 Sideskirts Punisher

  1. Nicklasmp

    Why is the name “Volvo New FH 6×2 Sideskirts Punisher”
    and the credits only say
    Ayoub Systeme DZ?

  2. Next question: Why a re-build? The Punisher- Skirts for 6×2- FH are working without Problems on 1.10.x.
    Other Things included?
    For me: Redundant…

  3. mattyjones4994

    is that it? cuz according to the video its a sideskirt for the new volvo?
    well tbh its a waste of time mate, cuz there aint nothing special and there are loads of mods that give the option to have a skirt with the volvo.
    if ya made it look different than the others, like a dutch spec style or a custom made then it would be worth while, but apart from that pointless

  4. ciao Mihai hai fatto video per scania R tandem BDF tamoil?

    io non posso fare video

  5. Well done!!! Can you update it to 1.14, please?

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