Volvo Pray for Paris Skin


Pray for Paris Skin for Volvo FH Globetrotter Truck

Author: MrDreamSky


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6 thoughts on “Volvo Pray for Paris Skin

  1. You f***cking leecher!!!

  2. These comments should really be moderated.

  3. Eurotrucker

    Before anyone starts to go harsh on me, I’m not planning to offend anyone.

    First of all: my honest respect and condolences to anyone who has in anyway been affected by the horror that was Paris yesterday.

    But when I start my newsfeed: Facebook is full of this, all my other social sites won’t stop posting news about this, even the LEGO sites haven’t been sitting still!

    So are we sure this should evolve into this rather innocent ETS website? I think this is not the right place for Paris related stuff.

    Again, my respect and condolences to anyone with involvement, but this is bothering me a bit.

    With kind regards,
    Loek from Holland.

    1. Agree !

  4. I agree also. I live in France and its terrible, what’s happened.

    @Mike: you should go away from here, because you have no Respect for the real life !!!

    1. GamerLionfish

      I’m very happy that people are creating mods dedicated to this tragedy. This crisis has really taught us that the only thing to fear is fear itself. The response to this crisis overall on Twitter is excellent with people condemning this attack & standing up for freedom & against fear & terrorism. If we keep pushing this message, if we keep this tragedy in our minds & if we keep speaking about it both Online & offline, then support for the far right will dwindle away & the IS types will lose since they’ll know that they can no longer terrorize us. We can do it : ^ )

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