Volvo VNL 670 for ETS2 v 1.4 by Aradeth

Volvo-VNL-670-1 Volvo-VNL-670-2 Volvo-VNL-670-3

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***Don’t forget to extract the file. It contains truck mod, cabin acc. dlc add-on and truck skin template.

***If you’re using any VNL670 mod in ETS 2 before,
sell your truck and deactivate the old mod.
After that activate this mod and buy the truck.

***This mod isn’t compatible with OpenGL (MAC) for now.
(I’m working on the fix.)
But works without any error on Windows.

* The truck is avaliable for quick jobs and it’s standalone.
* If you have FPS problems, don’t use chrome parts much.

*It’s ported version of VNL670 for ATS v1.4 by Aradeth

See the full changelog from here:

Authors: Aradeth, Kriechbaum, ohaha, Martinezio, Piva, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, None, Nado, Big Bob, AlexeyP, SCS


10 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 670 for ETS2 v 1.4 by Aradeth

  1. Видео можно?

  2. Space Cam

    Nice truck, but one problem can the fenders be removed totally no half or nothing so you will have the options if want any or not. but it is a cool truck how about adding some 1000 and more engines to the engine pack. with some rough or rugged sound. any way #### a cool truck i love the tri axkles.

    1. i wanna know how to add the truck i have no idea how

  3. lord_boatrace

    absolutely perfect thank you !!!!!!

  4. H.Trucker

    Hi good mod but Please, can you change the files extension of .zip to .scs, please? Sometimes there are failures because files are in .zip

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