Volvo VNL + Trailer Skins

Volvo VNL + Trailer Skins (1) Volvo VNL + Trailer Skins (3) Volvo VNL + Trailer Skins (2)

This mod includes Volvo VNL Skins and matching trailers for following companies:

Albert Heijn
Trader Joe’s
United Van Lines

Trailers are (depending on company) US Trailer, Profiliner and Coolliner

Author: ED101


7 thoughts on “Volvo VNL + Trailer Skins

  1. Super nice skin pack man! Thanks!

    1. No truck is not included but it works for example with this one:

      1. Thanks man, I have the truck. Lookin forward to running this pack since im an American trailer fan you could say. 🙂

        1. Great job on all the trailers though.

  2. is the truck included

  3. Well looks like i will have to wait on an updated vnl to run this pack. 🙁 I just updated to 1.19 and sure enough the vnl crashes the game. I should have ran them BEFORE i updated! lol

    1. nvm i got it working. 🙂

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