Volvo VNL780 Big Bob Haulin Skin

Replaces: All Iveco’s

3 bugs:
Not all wheels are there when buying the truck but chooce right chassis
in traffic is the same problem, but You can get that out of the file

Stearing wheel is seen through hood in menu and at garagemenu, in game
it is okay
Display in cockpit is not working, but maybe someone can fix it,

Author: Team ETS2 Skins


4 thoughts on “Volvo VNL780 Big Bob Haulin Skin

  1. Scaniadriver

    thanks guys
    if this are the only three problems and the truck is ok then its a fantastic mod – thanks for this .
    hope this is skinnable too – my company colours 😉

  2. Holy cow, when i came to this site, and looked on that picture, i just opened my mouth, very nice.

  3. Team ETS2Skins

    Thanks Guys!

    Please visit our facebookpage:

    Team ETS2Skins

    Kenneth Mühlbrandt
    Freddy Jimmink

  4. looks very good but one thing … This is Volvo right !? why replace Iveco and all 🙁

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