Volkswagen golf GTI conversion to version 1.26 and fixed bugs
– Buy in scania dealer
– Beautiful interior with a racing wheel
– Roof rack
– Sport wheels
– Sports rear lights
– Golf is in the style LOW
– It runs on version 1.24, 1.25 and 1.26
– Sounds of either a truck or a motor Tongue
– After selecting and buying a car is necessary to restart the game, Wheels will be in place
– Animations now working!
– Added Horn with Skoda
– No driver in the Outback
– Compatible with Skoda Superb

Thank you very much for Diablo to provide his mod !

Diablo, ZY Express( LH Trucker ), TruckersMP


8 thoughts on “VW Golf GTI

  1. I do not see the changes inscribed with anim

    1. mean is fix anim

    2. he mean is fix anim

  2. youtu.be/0S1Zfe-h5po

  3. Pls fix Rims on 1.25 v

  4. arnuX LTU

    nice mod

  5. Very nice! but…
    1.Body size is a little big
    2.Tread is narrow
    3.Doesn’t works speedometer

    I expect fix^^

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