Waberers Krone Gigaliner


Waberers Krone Gigaliner Semi Trailer

Author: satan19990


22 thoughts on “Waberers Krone Gigaliner

  1. Please could you make one for Scandifresh.

  2. Highway_Au

    do they pivot in the center?

    1. Dr Opkick Murphy

      No… They do not pivot. They are like hauling a very loooong semi.

  3. I downloaded. At least try it …The horror. It’s not finished. It is not possible to ride …

  4. I dont understand, why is it so hard to make a mod wich is realistic. it is a simulation game !!!
    make the 2end trailer turn seperatly and it would be good I think.
    thanks for that.

    1. You don’t understand hey …

      well it’s like this and its DEAD simple…

      SCS NEVER coded the game for Multiple pivot points which would allow for multi trailer options …

      so therefore if the game simply does not HAVE it ,,no amount of bullshit mods will fix it ..

      simply saying this game is a SIMULATION does NOT make #### work ,, that #### has to be done by the games owners = SCS & it will be a long wait for a train don’t come if anyone’s hoping scs will do anything about it ..

      1. Prove you wrong SCS has coded a road train in extream truck simulator 1&2 so if we looks there are multi treler turing at the same time

        1. Brian Earl Spilner


          We are talking about ETS2, not ET1 & 2.

  5. Scaniadriver

    its impossible the files for a second “turning point” (i dont know the english word)are not here.if scs will change this we have a working one not now…

  6. Brian Earl Spilner

    Nikola Kostovski claimed to finish making a “Giga Liner with Both Steering Trailer”.

    Hasn’t been released and he still hasn’t shown a video to prove both trailers turn (despite promising on here months ago he would make one “soon”).


    I think most people know now, that it’s not possible without SCS changing game code.

    1. Don’t trust Nikola, he don’t know how to do it, I know I was speaking to him and he just lie here and on forum.

  7. Scaniadriver

    really – i dont know this….

    looks interesting but long time goes without any news…maybe he doesnt get it work.
    could be right but thanks to people like bonjovi(db schenker trailer i think)they dont release it.

  8. George Smith

    Have you played 18 WOS Extreme Trucker???
    There are multi trailer combination allowing players to operate them.
    You may root the game and look the files inside.
    Next, you combine them with ETS2 files.
    After that the game crashes… :p

  9. Expected to be articulated trailers … Too bad because it’s a good job …

  10. Tasmanian_Devils_Bro

    I like the idea of roadtrains, but SCS did not do it because it is to complicated and second, the map does not allow double trailer, most hiwayramps are to narrow

  11. TruckSimFan

    Vehicles (multiple trailers) with more than one pivot point are NOT possible in ETS2.

    This means no Tractor + Trailer + Trailer.

    TANDEM (Tractor + Trailer) mods DO work because all this is is a Tractor (with a container on back) + shorter trailer.

    Tandem does not = Road Train/Gigaliner.

  12. this is not real…

  13. Stop taking not finished rotation of the second trailer mods so useless this mod

  14. Remove this abomination! He folded it’s bullshit.
    As you not ashamed to do this stuff! Trailers do not have the bend and physics!
    The author – you moron!

    1. respect author #######. if u can do something like this mod better do it, and stop crying like a little #####

      1. and your sister can do better? the author made a mod that is useless if there is no rotation of the second trailer then move your ###’s head.

  15. Deutschen Auflieger gigaliner müssten nochmal überarbeitet werden weil echt 2 Auflieger sieht soweit ok aus aber tandemanhänger extra gelenkt so steif Realistik sein hier bsp

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