Warehouse and Mountain Road at Toulouse

Warehouse-and-Mountain-Road-2 Warehouse-and-Mountain-Road-1

This is map by me, the customer don’t want to pay, so i don’t want to finish it, but i want to publy it0.
A gift by Wendigo !

The Wendigo Strikes again.

Author: Wendigo


8 Responses to Warehouse and Mountain Road at Toulouse

  1. usman hamsafar says:

    thanks sir.
    please more update Mountain Road maps.

  2. usman hamsafar says:

    sir make a Mountain Road maps.

  3. Shairan says:

    Where is Toulouse

    • Le_Wendigo says:

      Promod map

      • shairan says:

        ow ok i dont have but can you make one for me for the standard map? (for free) if you dont do it for free it’s okay no problem

        • Wendigo says:

          Add me on Facebook : Wendigo Modding (banana logo) and sent to me a message, I can do it.

        • Le_Wendigo says:

          Add me on Facebook : Wendigo modding(banana picture), and sent to me a message. And we will talk about this.

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